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eCertification Service for Court and Real Estate Documents
Posted on 8/18/2023 11:21:08 AM

Wheeler County Clerk of Superior Court, Carol Bragg, is pleased to announce the new eCertification services that provide users the ability to electronically request certified Court and Real Estate records 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

eCertification is a software used by the Clerk's office to generate tamper-proof and self-validated certified copies of Court Records and Real Estate recordings. Customers can purchase electronically certified records from the convenience of their home, their smart phone, or anywhere they have internet access 24-7, and upon processing by the Clerk's office, receive them as secured PDFs via email or online at https://ecert.gsccca.org.

To request an eCertified copy, simply go to  https://ecert.gsccca.org to create a free account. Once registered, log in to get started. Follow the instructions to submit your request. Once the Clerk's office processes the request, you will note that the request status changes, and payment authorization will be required. Once this authorization is received and finalized by the Clerk's office, a final email will be sent containing an authentication link which also includes the purchased eCertified copy of the document requested.

A purchased eCertified copy of a document may be downloaded and stored for future use, allowing customers to maintain their own documents for multiple uses and printing.